Martlets provides care to adults living in and around Brighton & Hove living through a terminal illness.

In Patient Unit

We have an 18-bed In-Patient Unit at our hospice in Hove. We have a variety of room sizes allowing family to stay with their loved one whilst we provide round the clock care. Around half of our patients who come to stay at the In-Patient Unit go home again once they are more in control of their symptoms and pain management.

You can find out more about this on our Staying at the hospice page.

Community Services

We also provide a variety of services for the hospice community such as Hospice at Home, Respite Care and Counselling and Emotional Support.

In addition to this, we have a 24-hour 'Hub' service which is provided as part of a Sussex Palliative Care Partnership which is a combination service of specialists who provide support, care and advice. Our hub service allows patients and carers to call a special hotline at any time for medical advice and help with their symptoms. Thanks to our database all Specialist Nurses answering calls are able to pull up the relevant patient records and understand the patient's needs within seconds.

Outpatient Care and Supportive Services 

We run a variety of groups and complementary therapies which are open to any patient, and their families, who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and lives within the Service Area.

Find out more about our Outpatient Care and Supportive Services.

We also run Outpatient Clinics which can help patients establish a treatment plan for their symptoms and also offer help with rehabilitation and mobility.

Find out more about our Outpatient Clinics.

Bereavement Services

We offer a comprehensive Bereavement Service to the family and close friends of all patients cared for by Martlets. This can include counselling, remembrance events and social evenings.

Find out more about our Bereavement Service.