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Our Volunteer stories

"One of the reasons I applied for the role of Bereavement Support Volunteer was because I realise that I’m lucky in that I have a good support network of friends and family, and some people don’t." Dawn, Bereavement Support Volunteer, Day Services Assistant and Volunteer Ward Clerk

"I used to collect stamps and coins from childhood, so being able to continue something I enjoy and make money for the Martlets, is a great way to spend my spare time." Barry, Online Shop Volunteer and coins/metals sorter

"After my mum was cared for at the hospice in 2013, I wanted to give something back and do something to help. I love all the customers; we have a real variety of people coming in here and they were all very patient with me when I first started." Lucy, Volunteer Retail Assistant 

"I love volunteering as I want to help people with their emotional and physical pain with my massage skills. Massage offers people comfort and release from pain. Carers in particular are under a lot of stress and this can manifest into physical symptoms" Keith, Volunteer Massage therapist

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Heartbeat Autumn 2018

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