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Here's an alternative "zero code" approach to the right column issue, which just requires a single application of "rightColButton" from Format - Custom Styles

This should be a button on the right hand side of the page.

This approach also has the benefit that from an SEO perspective, the flow of the page is uninterrupted by the extra code required from the version below, and keeps the page more readable by search engines. Note that with this approach, the text flows around the button.

To make this work:

  1. Add the text for the button
  2. Make the text a link
  3. Assign "rightColButton" from Format > Custom Styles

You could also use this on listing page introductions.

By contrast, here's the existing solution, which works, and will produce a clear second column. Note this is now responsive

If you are being cared for at home, we can help give you and your loved ones exceptional care and support. We provide the high level of nursing care you’d find on the ward, in the comfort of your own home. From pain management and symptom control to emotional support and complementary therapy, our experienced team will help you however and whenever you need it.

Our hospice at home service includes:

  • physical care
  • emotional and social support
  • help to control symptoms
  • arranging complementary therapies (not currently available in the Havens).

Every single donation you make will help change lives.

The exceptional care we give to people in and around Brighton & Hove is only free thanks to the generosity of brilliant donors and fundraisers like you. Whether you support one of our events, donate goods, play the lottery, give in your will, or set up a direct debit, you are making a huge difference to local people and their families. Below you’ll find more info about all of the ways you can support us.

Click here to donate online now.

Want to do your own thing?

If you have a great fundraising idea, we’d love to hear about it – and we’ll be happy to support you in any way we can. Give our fundraising team a call on 01273 747455 or email and we’ll get you started with a fundraising pack. You can also request your own Martlets collection box by calling Nicky David in our events team on 01273 964200 or email


Want to raise funds for the Martlets? We've got tips and ideas to inspire you.

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Sponsor a Brick

Celebrate life by adding your name – or that of a loved one – to our welcome gallery.

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Give in memory

Remember a loved one with your donation or set up an ‘in memory’ giving page.

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Give in your will

Perhaps the biggest gift you can pledge to Martlets, but it won’t cost you anything now.

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Donate goods

Martlets charity shops need your pre-loved furniture, clothes, books and more.

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Donate by Text

Send a donation via post, text or phone.

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