Our lottery now costs £2 a week. This is an increase from the previous price of £1 a week. This price change was made as of April 2016.

We are no longer accepting Standing Orders as a method of payment when people sign up to play the lottery.

Those who currently pay using a Standing Order will need to ensure they have changed the payment amount to £2 a week to ensure they are entered in the expected amount of draws. If you are only paying £1 a week you are now only being entered into the draw for half of the number of weeks as you were previously.

Those paying by Standing Order (S/O) will also need to change their payment method to Direct Debit (D/D). It's important when setting up a Direct Debit to replace the Standing Order that the customer also notifies their bank to cancel the Standing Order- we cannot do this for you.

It's important to cancel your Standing Order when you set up a Direct Debit as all monies received for the lottery will be entered into the draw if there are sufficient funds. If a Direct Debit payment has been set up but a Standing Order has not been cancelled BOTH payments will be entered into the draw and refunds cannot be given.

If you would like more information regarding the changes to our Lottery please contact our team via email: [email protected] or call: 01273 747455.