Nurse Hazel’s Adventures

Nurse Hazel Platzer has raised over £6,600 for us with an adventure to the Grand Canyon.

Hazel, who works on our In-Patient Unit, camped on the Havasupai Indian reservation and trekked the steep sides of the canyon for five days to raise money for ward equipment to help her patients and their families.

She said: “I trained for the Grand Canyon by walking up and down the South Downs, but I was a bit gung ho and didn’t get enough advice so ended up with a knee injury that forced me to rest for six weeks. I rested up and fortunately recovered in time.

“It was a tough trek that involved climbing ladders on sheer cliffs whilst carrying a heavy pack containing four litres of water; it certainly wasn’t for the faint hearted. On one day there were some really terrifying rockfaces to climb, with just spikes to hold onto. It was so slippery and very scary.

“Raising money for the Hospice was what kept me going. I was very lucky to have had a lot of support from my colleagues at the Martlets, my friends and my family; I couldn’t have done it without them. So far I’ve raised over £6,600.

“My plan is to do another trek next year across the Pyrenees, the Freedom Trail, it’s a lot harder; apparently the one I’ve just done was quite easy by comparison. So I’m going to carry on with my training on the Downs, but this time I’ll make sure I do my strength exercises as well!”

Antonia Shepherd from our Events Team said: “Hazel has raised a fantastic amount of money for the Hospice which, as she has said, will directly help the patients and families that she cares for.

“Every penny raised for the Hospice really does make a difference to the lives of local people so we are very grateful to supporters like Hazel who put in a monumental effort for us. We’re so proud of her.”

To support Hazel in her fundraising please visit

For further details on raising money for Martlets email or telephone 01273 718780.