New Martlets outpatient clinic for Peacehaven and Newhaven patients

Martlets is piloting a new outpatient clinic at the Anchor Healthcare centre in Peacehaven, to make life easier for patients living in Newhaven and Peacehaven.

Running each Tuesday between 9.30am and 4.30pm, the clinic allows people to access the hospice’s services without having to travel into Hove.

Taking the outpatient clinic into the community is a revolutionary idea that Martlets hopes will be popular with its patients. If the six-month pilot is successful then the hospice would like to make the clinic permanent and possibly expand the services that it offers.

Patrick Barclay-Ball, Martlets Day Services Manager explained, “The clinic is for anyone from Peacehaven or Newhaven who has received a terminal diagnosis which could be cancer, any long-term neurological condition such as motor neurone disease, heart failure or end-stage renal disease.

“People can live with a terminal illness for several years, so our aim is to encourage people to talk to us at an early stage so that we can improve their standard of living and help them to live their lives to the full.

“At our initial meeting we assess them to understand their needs to ensure the right care is put in place as soon as possible. In addition to their medical needs we think about how we can help with their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. This might be providing support with planning for the future, providing a listening ear or helping them to access the right benefits since many people don’t realise that they can claim disability or attendance allowance.

“We are also providing complimentary therapies such as massage, reiki and reflexology to our patients and their carers and this is proving to be very popular.

“At the moment people needing rehabilitation will still need to go to the Hove hospice, but if this pilot is successful then it may be something we’d consider providing at Peacehaven too.

“This clinic is all about testing the water, to find out what people want and need from the service. Martlets belongs to the community so this pilot is aiming to bring the hospice’s services out to those who need them.”

Referrals to the new clinic can be received from doctors, registered nurses and health professionals such as occupational therapists or physiotherapists. People can also self-refer by speaking to their GP.

For further information telephone the Day Services team on 01273 273400 or email