My name is Gordon. I’m 39 years old; a teacher, a father, a husband, and in February 2018 I was diagnosed with early onset motor neurone disease.

The diagnosis of a terminal illness with a median life expectancy of three years was a complete shock. Not only have I needed to get my head around issues with mortality but also getting my house in order, before I check out. That’s not something you envisage needing to do at the age of 39, but thanks to your support, Martlets is helping me cope with every aspect of the journey.

Martlets is so much more than end of life care. The support I’ve received has included symptom management: how to deal with different symptoms as and when they arise or get worse. I’ve also received guidance for how to broker the news with my children and how to talk about work.

Not only have I received services to aid in my initial diagnosis, like speech and language therapy, but Martlets offers a whole other holistic side to the care here, including counselling, Reiki, and massages for me and my wife. And, I have to say, even though the gravity of the situation is serious and life-changing, if I didn’t have this kind of provision available, it would make it all so much harder.

So, thank you. Thank you for helping Martlets deliver outstanding services to people living with a terminal illness in our community.

With best wishes,

Hear from Gordon himself in our Thank You film: