Annie* is a young mum with terminal cancer. Her husband and two teenage children spend a great deal of time at her bedside. But the furnishings in the room make it really hard for them to be as close as they want to be.

They first noticed it when Annie tried to cuddle up to her husband. But there’s no sofa or chair large enough for them to sit together, ‘like we do at home’.

When Annie’s daughter stays the night, they push the beds together to snuggle up, but the nurses struggle to find matching throws for the beds to make it more homely.  

There is no spare bedside table, so Annie’s daughter has nowhere to put her things.  The room looks cluttered and that distresses them both. A clutter-free room is vital in reducing anxiety in patients.

All the walls in the hospice rooms are sparsely decorated. Annie and her family talk about how nice it would be to have tranquil colours, soft lighting and little touches that make the room uplifting and ‘more like home’.

Please help every patient enjoy all the comforts of home during the time they are at Martlets.

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*you’ll understand that the patient’s name has been changed and a model used to protect the family’s privacy.