In July 2007, the Martlets became a member of the Fundraising Standards Board. Membership confirms our commitment to legal requirements and best practice recommendations in all our fundraising activities. Our donors and supporters can be assured that we meet the highest fundraising standards and they will be able to give with confidence as a result.

Our membership commits us to three core elements covering standards and complaints as follows:

1. Our Fundraising Promise

This is our pledge to donors about how they will be treated and how we will behave.

2. The Codes of Fundraising Practice

These are produced by the Institute Of Fundraising and cover the legal requirements and best practice recommendations involved in all areas of fundraising practice. The Codes can be downloaded from the Institute’s website and there are copies in the Fundraising Office at the Martlets. Go to for further details.

3. The Complaints Procedure

We have a complaints procedure and complaints form for use by anyone who feels that our fundraising activities fall below the standards set out in Our Fundraising Promise and the Codes of Fundraising Practice.

The designated officer for receiving all complaints about fundraising is Ms Sally Brighton (Director of Income Generation). She can be contacted on 01273 747455 or by email at

Further details about the fundraising standards board can be found on their websites at and or by telephone on 0845 402 5442.